5 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, whether you're thinking about starting a business, whether you just started or whether you've been running a business for some time now; you're going to hit days when you get discouraged, days where it seems impossible, days that will make you question why you even started, days where you just want to quit. And it's those days that will test your character as an entrepreneur and will test your why. 

Here are a few ways that we stay encouraged in our entrepreneurial journey:

1. Have a clear why 

Why did you start your business? On the days that test your motivation, go back to your why. Is it because you wanted to leave a corporate job? Or to build a business for your kids? Or is your why financial freedom? All of the above? 

Whatever your why is, write it down. In big bold letters and plaster it everywhere you walk by. For example, our why is written on post-its and we keep our why in our bathrooms, on the refrigerator and on the white-board in our candle studio. We are constantly looking at it, especially on the days that seem impossible.
Make sure your why is clear because the tough days will make you go back to your why, so you remember to keep pushing through. 
2. Set personal goals
Set personal goals that are not related to your business. Set a goal to walk 10k steps, or to read a book a month or even to just take a 15-min break every day to step outside. Your personal goals do not have to be huge, they can be small--but it's so important to set them. 
This will give you a sense of accomplishment that is not related to your business which will provide more motivation to continue your business goals.  
3. Maintain a healthy routine
As an entrepreneur, it's so easy to let go of yourself. We get so busy in managing everything that we forget to take care of ourselves. But when we don't take care of our minds and our bodies, we don't feel our best. But when we nurture our bodies with a healthy diet, a good night's rest, and exercise, our minds become more clear and we are able to bring our best to the table. So don't forget to nurture your mind, body and soul. 
4. Document your journey 
It's easy to forget how far you've come in your journey when you don't document everything. Document your beginnings so that you can look back to remind yourself that you DID THAT. Whether that's a month or a whole year from where you started, when you feel discouraged, look back at your journey. You'll see that you have been able to accomplish SO MUCH. Take the time to appreciate where you are now by looking back at where you started. 
5. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs 
We can't stress the importance of this. Only other entrepreneurs understand what it's like to run a business. Family and friends can relate but not like another entrepreneurs who have been there, done that; and know the beautiful roller coaster that you are on. So find a community (like ours!) of other entrepreneurs that can uplift you when you're down, motivate you when you need that extra push and empower you when you need it.
Stay encouraged, stay motivated. YOU GOT THIS!
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