Making Hard Business Decisions

Making Hard Business Decisions

Running a business is HARD work. And not enough of us talk about the hard business decisions that we have to make at times. 

When we were exploring the idea of starting a supply business, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to price our wax the lowest on the market. 

But of course, reality hit. 

Freight shipping is at an all time high and as a new business, we had very little leverage on negotiating the prices down. As we grow and expand and begin to ship more and more, we can renegotiate our freight shipping which in turn will allow us to pass the savings to you. 

But having to face the reality that we would be coming on the market priced at where we are was a struggle for us that was hard to accept. 

We can't tell you how many days and nights we spent tossing and turning and thinking our pricing over. We tried to find different ways to price lower but we had to face the reality that our costs were where they were. 

So we had to make the hardest decision---BEFORE EVEN OPENING--that our prices were going to be coming in where they are now. 

But as business owners, we have to make decisions based on where your business stands.

Yes, they'll be hard decisions to make but if you focus on the data that you have at the time, it becomes easier. 

Having to make this tough decision also led us to our Shipping Money Back Guarantee Policy

Like you, we have skin in the game so this supply business will sell to our candle business, Smell of Love Candles, so pricing as reasonably as we can is very important to us. 

So this is to let you know that we understand how hard decisions can be for business owners and we are right in the trenches with you. 

Running a business is hard, we understand it, and we are right there with you. 

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