The Realities of Being a Working Mom

The Realities of Being a Working Mom

Motherhood changes you. 

As a single mom to 2 kids; motherhood transformed my identity. 

When my oldest was born, it was no longer just about me. I became a nurse, a chauffeur, a cook, a calendar keeper, an appointment scheduler, a janitor, the all knowing being of where my child's favorite blanket was hiding, and the list goes on and go and on; and it's ever changing. 

The one thing that I didn't expect motherhood to be was how it changed my identity in my career. Being in a corporate environment, motherhood became a stigma that wasn't spoken about. It meant being viewed as less committed to my work, as the one that leaves "early" because school was out and the daycare was closing so I had to pick both kids up. It meant being seen as the coworker that was not focused at work. And the reality was, no matter how hard I worked, no matter how many projects I took on; being a mom---and being a SINGLE mom--in a corporate environment was a stigma. And it didn't matter how hard I worked; I would always bear that scarlet letter. 

For a long time, I took on this heavy burden by trying to outwork myself from under that stigma. I worked late, took on as many projects as I could until, one day, something inside just broke. And I left that job. 

No plan. No backup. 

It was the hardest time that I have ever experienced. I had a growing child, I had just given birth to my second. And I was a single mom. 

It was during these dark times that I realized that being a working mom was my superpower. 

We know how to juggle; we know how to multitask; we know how to figure things out; we know how to make plans because if Plan A didn't work, we have Plan B, C, D, and F ready. Being a working mom gives us so many skills that propels us into being extremely valuable in any working environment. 

And if you're like me, you also realize that being a working mom has given you the skillset to run a business. We're practically our kids' assistants and run a household on a daily basis. 

So the reality is, being a working mom is a superpower. It gives us the tools needed to build a business AND raise our kids at the same time. 

So mommas, know that I understand how hard it is, know that I am with you because some days are rough but the rewards and empowering our children through our actions is priceless. 

-Patricia, Co-Owner, SLC Supplies 


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